PST/OST Cropping Tool

Crop OST File or Truncate PST File

OST Crop tool is also referred as 2GB Truncation Tool. It works on Outlook Data file – OST and PST which is not accessible by users. This tool truncate PST file or crop OST file to reduces the excess data from it to make Outlook Data file readable again in Outlook
Whenever OST and PST file crosses the maximum size limit, and if you make any attempt to open the can create serious problems or troublesome errors. In such cases when OST file or PST file exceeds it limit the chances of corruption of file increases. Outlook will show error if you try to open such OST or PST file. The following Error message will be displayed by the Outlook.

"Error has been detected in the file outlook.ost/.pst file **File Path**. Stop all mail enable applications, and then use Inbox Repair Tool"


Reasons of Error:

The Reason for the occurrence of the problem is you must have exceeded the 2 GB size limit of .ost file and .pst file in Outlook 2002 and its previous version. You will not be able to open or read Outlook Data File (OST and PST) because it becomes inaccessible or gets corrupted in such cases. PST/OST Cropping Tool can solve the problem, it recovers lost data from .ost file or .pst file. However, it does not have any filter option which can delete specific portion from the ost file. It directly works on database size and removes the excess data. Please make ensure the following points before using the tool.

  • There should be 2 GB free space on your Hard disk.
  • It supports PST and OST file under 2 GB and you must truncate PST file or crop OST file between 20 to 25 MB (megabytes) less than limit 2 GB (Gigabytes). When tool works on the file it removes excess data which means some of the messages will be missing from the recovered copy of OST file or PST file.

Steps to use PST/OST cropping tool

Step 1. Download OST Crop Tool or 2 GB Truncation Utility from

Step 2. Now, Extract 2gb152.exe file to empty folder. You will see five files after extracting it – Msstdfmt.dll, Msvbvm60.dll, Pst2gb.exe, Readme.rtf and Readme.txt

Step 3. Run Pst2gb.exe program

Step 4. Click on Browse button to select oversized outlook data file (OST/PST) and then click on "Open"

Step 5. Click Create and Select Name to which you want to save truncated data file and specify its location where you want to save it and after then click on Save button

Step 6. Type the size of data that you want to truncate from the original OST/PST file. Choose the amount of data as per your need. Recommended data size to be chosen to truncate the file is between 20 to 25 MB as it gives you best result.

Step 7. If you have successfully truncated PST file 25 MB data then repeat the process and again crop(truncate) oversize .ost and .pst file by only 15 MB. If this process also works successfully then again try this with 5 MB. If in case 25 MB truncating does not works, then try truncating pst file with 35 MB size. If this also fails to work then increase the amount by 10 MB and try truncating PST file with 45 MB. Repeat increasing the amount until the process works successfully.

Step 8. Start Inbox Repair Tool also known as Scanpst.exe or Scanost.exe on the truncated file

Step 9. If it does not open or Outlook prompts the same error message then discard the file and again repeat the procedure with the original .ost or .pst file by truncating more data amount then the previous attempt.

Step 10. Click on Browse button to select oversized outlook data file (OST/PST) and then click on "Open"

In this way, PST/OST Cropping tool can help you to cope with the OST or PST file when it reaches the maximum size limit. You can configure the size limit for both (.pst) and (.ost)